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HAVELI UAVs is committed to manufacture high quality customized UAVs for their clients. We design and develop UAVs for specialized applications. We also provide UAV services like System Integration, R&D of various range of UAV products, UAV training to students & Professionals.

We manufacture customized drones to provide  solutions which helps our client, solve their problems in Agriculture, Defence & Security, Aerial Surveillance, Education, Research & Development, Energy Industries.


We allow you to start without having to worry about making a mistake, as we use our outstanding experience with Drone Technology.


Are you building a drone and struggling with hanging wire, unorganized placement of components, using too much zip ties, hot glue and double tape, or any quick fix method to keep the sensors secure and safe #SWAMI is for you.

If you are a researcher, student, industrial designer, hobbyist and want to execute your unique project with a Quad-rotor Platform #SWAMI is for you

If you are corporate, research organization, a startup who wants to implement customized IoT, AI/ML solutions using drones #SWAMI is for you.

If your company conducts a workshop on drone technology or If you want to teach your team system integration or If you want to learn Operating Drones #SWAMI is for you.

SWAMI 1.0 – Design Specifications:
  • Max Propeller size – 12 inch
  • 3k Carbon fiber boom – 16 mm
  • Landing gear CF boom – 6 mm
  • Inbuilt all in one power distribution Pre designed placement for the raspberry pi, pi camera, Camera with gimbal, Telemetry, Vtx, Safety Switch, etc.
  • Integrated Safety LED lights
  • Inbuilt GPS Mount
  • Motor mounts
  • Flight Controller Placement
Features of SWAMI 1.0 :
  • Customized 3D Printed Design
  • Fits up to 4000maH battery
  • Can be scaled up to meet clients requirements ( variable payloads)
  • Motors, ESC, FC, Gimbal, Camera, Tx, RX, VTX customization available
  • Integration of Lidar, IoT, Thermal camera, night vision camera option available
  • Operation range in LOS, and below 200ft altitude AGL
  • Payload capacity – 300grams
  • Mission Planning using compatible open source software
Compatible components with swami :
  • Flight Controller: Pixhawk , Ardupilot, navio 2, DJI, openpilot ccd3, others
  • ESC: BLheli, Hobbywing,EMAX , T-Motors, KDE Direct,upto 30amps esc are compatible
  • Motors: SunnySky X2216 880KV V2, T-Motors MT 2212 980KV, SunnySky 2212 980KV V2, 935KV Emax, EMAX MT2216 810KV, EMAX MT2808 850KV, all medium size motors in the similar range are compatible
  • Lidar: RP Lidar, Benewake, TF Mini, TFmini Plus, SparkFun LIDAR-Lite V3, Terabee Lidar
  • Camera: Runcam, SJcam, GoPro, ZENMUSE, DJI Phantom 4 Gimbal camera, Tarot, 3/2 Axis Brushless Gimbal camera
  • Range Sensor: Tera Ranger one, TF Mini, Sharp IR Analog Distance Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Minicomputer: NVIDIA TX1, NVIDIA TX2, Intel Edison, Intel®Aero, Odroid XU4, Raspberry Pi3, Qualcomm® Snapdragon Flight™, Intel® Joule, Asus Tinker, ROCK960 Board
  • Battery: up to 4000 mAH 3S, 4S
  • Depth and Tracking: Intel RealSense, Pixy camera, PX4FLOW, ZED Stereo Camera and other sensors

Standard swami 1.0 in the box

  • Unique Body design
  • 3k Carbon fiber boom – 16 mm
  • Landing gear CF boom – 6 mm
  • Inbuilt all in one power distribution board.
  • Pre designed placement for necessary components.
  • Motor mounts.
  • Integrated Safety LED lights.
  • Inbuilt GPS Mount.
  • Flight Controller Placement.

Get Quote for Swami

  • The price of swami 1.0 will vary according to the customization of user and number order placed w.r.t custom model being developed. We are using 3D printing technology to produce each drone which is tailored to meet the customers’ requirements.
  • Scaling up/down SWAMI 1.0 and re-designing will add to one time designing charge.
  • Once we get requirements from customers, we generate quote w.r.t the customized requirements.
  • Project commence after it is approved by the client, agreeing on necessary terms and conditions and payment.

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Our drones are built with cutting edge manufacturing processes coupled with the highest quality materials available.

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At HAVELI UAVS, we focus on keeping our team abreast with the advancements in Drone Technology.

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Our knowledge about technical advancements lets us stand apart in terms of innovating our services.

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We work buy-side and sell-side – give our clients hard-hitting answers and focus hard on the best opportunities.

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Before we talk destination, we shine a spotlight across your organization to fully understand its people and technology.

Personalized Approach

The characteristics like installation, configuration, and after sales-supports testify our personalized approach towards patrons.

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